“Bat Control Specialists” is a bat removal company that have been successfully operating for more than 20 years across Ontario and Quebec. They reached Simalam Inc. for redesigning their website, boosting SEO ranking, and improving their users' experience. I was in charge of the visual design for their new responsive website to be launched in mid-2016.




My Role


I was responsible for having a constant and direct communication with the client, creative director, and developers for designing the new renovated image, defining the site's layout, crafting illustrations, and implementing SEO optimized copy across the site. 

The challenge

Leveraging client requirements against hard deadlines, avoiding scope creep, and being empathic with client's needs at all time was part of the challenge to successfully serve as the main contact point between the agency and the client. 


The Process


A very straightforward process was taken for this particular client given the overall scope (Brochure site) and the available budget. Wireframes, comps creation, content optimization, and custom illustrations were part of the iterative process for crafting a better user experience and renovate their image.




The site is designed to keep a simple flow of information and provide a relaxed and sophisticated look for visitors. Likewise, it provides enough visual information about the bat removal process without overwhelming visitors with long paragraphs nor technical jargon. This, combined with recurrent CTA between sections, increased the number of calls received and their quality by better informing the customers. 


finalized desktop comp


Images, tone, and language were carefully chosen to match the demographics of the target audience and the type of houses the "Bat Control Specialists" can assist. Additionally, modal windows with specific information about the type of clients that "Bat Control Specialists" serves, work as a filter system for reducing calls from unqualified clients like apartment buildings, townhouses, rentals, etc. 


custom made illustrations


The Results


The redesigned website is 100% responsive and will be deployed later this year. It will serve specific content according to the location where is being accessed. This forms part of the SEO strategy and the efforts for improving the user's experience.


the most common layout breakpoints used by site's visitors