For this school project I created a 360° animation out of still renders for implementing a basic web application. Using After Effects and Cinema 4D, created a web-ready spot for the Lamborghini Gallardo that links seamlessly with the application launch.
All visual assets, other that the 3D model, were created by me and the result was a mix of web development components ( HTML5 video, Caching, JavaScript ), advanced texturing, lighting and video production.




The challenge

Since the application was dealing with a lot of assets (and some of them large ones), I had to plan and develop for possibly delayed and prolonged loading. By using a pre-loader and controlling the flow of the application, I was able to hold the content back until everything was in place and ready to go, at which point the loader disappears and let the main content play.


The Process


For the textures and the illumination, achieving the right specularity was important in order to define the model’s material properties. Shiny metal materials with high level of reflectivity, and the Illumination setup played together for a more dramatic illusion of speed and movement.

The application incorporates a video intro overlaid with a series of still images to create a 360° “surround” video; the UI is clear and allow the user to choose from five set “rotate points”. These points control the surround video and force the timeline to “go to and stop” in that predetermined point.