PRE is an interactive social platform that connects you and your friends with the best events in your area. Users can swipe through and RSVP in real time to events happening in their area, while also viewing the event's attendees, directions, deals and more. The objective of PRE is simple: it is a way to connect users to a wide social network without the hassle of coordinating everything.




My Role


As an interaction designer consultant for Simalam Inc. I had the chance to assist the app's planning process by defining and prioritizing tasks and goals (user stories) with stakeholders, lead developer, project manager, and the creative director. I was responsible for planning and creating wireframes for the navigation flow, designing interactive high fidelity prototypes, running and reporting user tests, and laying out the UI system while proposing different branding style guides and visual design direction.


The challenge

Create a simple to use and engaging IOS application for planning group outings as an alternative to text messaging and Facebook events. In addition, simplify and enhance the overall experience of locating and attending events for students and young professionals.


The Process


Following Agile/Scrum Development practices we tracked and prioritized the product's features on the form of user stories defined during the planning stage. Being involved early at this phase ensured each one of the user stories (Sprint backlog items or features) were accordingly represented at the wireframing phase, both on paper for rapid iteration, and digitally for mid and high fidelity prototypes.


Low fidelity paper wireframing for rapid iteration


digital Med-fidelity wireframes for testing navigation and flow


Part of the strategy was to leverage users's FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and their existing social networks for driving decisions around where to go and with whom by adding the ability to spot mutual friends between event attendees. This way, the app's dodginess factor is kept to a minimum, which is probably one of the main drivers for earning user's trust. We also created a seamless UI flow for creating user accounts, choosing profiles pictures, and importing Facebook contacts reducing time and friction to the process of joining a new social network platform. 


interactive high-fidelity prototypes for continuos user testing


User testing on interactive high fidelity prototypes (using InVision) reassured the value of card design for delivering event's information at a glance and the power of swiping as the most intuitive user interaction among testers. Combined, they reduced information overload and kept the app easy to use. 


prototypes allowed early and constant user testing. As a result, swiping was selected as the most intuitive user interaction for our audience.


The Results


The app reached more than 1500 downloads from the app store on its launch week and keeps growing. Users' feedback and continuous testing will shape and define the upcoming versions which are in development right now while the chosen visual design and branding was trusted to and external agency. Personally, this project allowed me to have an input and implement my UI and UX knowledge early from the strategizing stage. In addition, constant user testing proved to be valuable for validating and ruling out assumptions about the target audience, spotting difficulties earlier in the development process, and for avoiding refactoring later on the programming phase.