“The Scarborough Village” is a child care provider established since 1989 in Toronto. They have 25 years of educational experience with emphasis on providing a secure space for children and serving from infant ages to school ages groups. They approached Simalam Inc. for redesigning their logo and website, refreshing their branding, and positioning their web presence as main channel for increasing their geographical reach.




My Role


In my role of interaction designer consultant for Simalam Inc., I was entrusted to design a new logo that would fit The Scarborough Village organization and its target audience values, design a fully responsive website, and assist the development process with optimized images and production-ready assets.


"The scarborough village" website is fully responsive


The challenge

The target audience represented a challenge in itself by being composed mostly by parents of multicultural background, which in most cases english is not their first language. Additionally, we had to appeal to a very specific decision factors within our copy-text wording. In order to meet the website’s goals we kept the language plain and simple, with real and down to earth information. Lastly, the subsidized nature of the “The Scarborough Village” child care aims to reach families of low income, so this must had to be considered in order to maintain and overall affordable but highly qualified image that would not prevent prospects to look for their services.


Plain and simple language reinforced the subsidized nature of the "THE SCARBOROUGH VILLAGE" child care


The Process


As expected, the first step was to define the branding and new logo for the “The Scarborough Village”. Since the main purpose for the website was attract new clients, it was not an issue to make major changes to the logo, besides, the previous one looked outdated and in great need of freshening. However, I experimented and aimed to keep some re-styled relevant iconography from the original version (The tower, rainbow, apple, and sun) and included references to children like the building blocks, basic shapes, and primary colours.


logo design process


Several typographic styles were considered to carry and enhance meaning to the logo. The focus was on keeping it legible but playful and spontaneous. At the end, rotated glyphs of “Phosphate RR Solid” combined with “Gotham Rounded” gave the illusion of softly rounded characters that seemed had been manipulated by children.


meaning construction


Old Logo

new LOGO


For the website’s content, data analytics revealed important cues and guidance for the language to be used. Accordingly, images were carefully chosen for communicating the main message across the right demographic context of our audience. Paragraphs were kept as short as possible, using plain direct language and referencing common search terms and decision rationales like:

  • Space
  • Convenience and location
  • Availability of healthful food
  • Halal and allergens free menu available
  • Experienced and reliable staff
  • 100% subsidy
  • Safety
  • Quality of programs

we highlithed common search terms and decision rationales to enchance seo and boost convertions


Screen sizes used for the target audience for accessing the website were evenly distributed between mobiles, tablets, laptops and widescreen desktops. This required to pay special attention and provide art direction for ratios and focal points used at each breakpoint.




Geographical location are clearly represented on site-wide maps, with specific accessibility instructions like bus routes available and nearby intersections.


increasing reach to a broader area was one of the main website's goals


The Results


For the next registration season, the SV expect to increase calls, visitors, and registrations from a broader area in the city whilst it deploys its new branding across their internal channels. Likewise, it expects to have an increase of on-site registration and online conversions thanks to the new optimized content language and the responsive nature of the new website.

The site enjoys a redesigned content language and responsive nature for increasing registrations